New Parko Effective 6000

In time for the coming harvest season, ParKone Oy from Haapajärvi launches an all new S-spike harrow with superior properties – the ParKo Effective 6000.

Since its foundation, ParKone Oy has been introducing innovative products at regular intervals, and now the company’s product range is extended yet again with an entirely new type of product: the ParKo Effective 6000 S-spike harrow.

The selling of the new model will commence in spring 2014, enabling deliveries before the coming harvest season.  Pre-sales of the product have already begun.

With this product, ParKone Oy fulfils the market’s need for a S-spike harrow that meets the ever stricter requirements of the European traffic regulations, as the transport width of the new ParKo Effective 6000 S-spike harrow is less than 3 metres.

The Effective 6000 has been realised using the same centre-block as the larger Effective models. The side-blocks are hinged using beams, which enables the blocks to be folded on top of the 2,95m wide centre-block, making the transport width fall under 3 metres.

Owing to its narrow transport width, the harrow is ideal for contracting. The more compact width also makes it possible to transport the harrow along country lanes, over narrow bridges, and along public roads with improved traffic safety.

The Parko Effective 6000 harrow may also be equipped with brakes as an option.

Some innovations that are familiar from the earlier Effective models:

  • Frame of 120 mm x 120 mm profile
  • 9 pcs of 70 mm x 70 mm S-spike shafts
  • 8 pcs of 400mm-wide tyres
  • A 400 mm hydraulically operated clod crusher – available as an option
  • Modern tow-bar of Effective type – available even with a ball-coupling hitch.

The Parko 6000 Effective is applicable for a variety of tasks:

  • Conventional harrowing in connection with ploughing.
  • Stubble cultivation.
  • Harrowing of weeds within organic farming making full use of the precise working depth adjustment and the goosefoot shares that are available as an option.
  • Cultivation – thanks to the robust frame that enables the working depth of up to 30 cm.

As required, the working width of 6 metres can be broadened to 7 or 8 m by means of extension kits.

ParKone Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of high-quality agricultural machinery. The Finnish origin of the products is distinguished by the Key Flag Symbol, awarded by the Association for Finnish Work.

The Parko harrows are Finnish-made, high-quality products that are suitable for all conditions, and help operators achieve considerable savings.

For additional information please contact: Eero or Erkki Peräaho